10 Tips To Get You In The Best Shape Of Your Life

Are you in your   best shape ? Few of us are. Most of us are no longer hunters and farmers. Our ancestors were, but we’re not. And...

Are you in your best shape?
Few of us are.
Most of us are no longer hunters and farmers. Our ancestors were, but we’re not.
And because we no longer chase buffalo and climb trees for fruit, our lives have become too sedentary to be healthy.
In order to truly be in our best shape, we have to move more.
But because of television, computers and cars, it’s not as easy to get up and get moving as you might think.
Getting started is often the hardest part.
In contemporary life, excellent health requires a system – it doesn’t just happen spontaneously on its own. It can be difficult – at first – to put that system in place.
Of course, there are solutions. You can prepare yourself for success.
Here are fifteen tips that can help you get into the very best shape of your life.
You can implement a strategic system to help you look better and feel better within your daily life. You just need to find the system that is uniquely right for you, and implement it.
Best Shape Of Your Life
1. Stay away from sugars!

When we take in sugar, it causes our bodies to release insulin, and insulin causes the body to store fat. That's why those fat-free desserts with extra sugar are actually causing you to gain weight. Take a good look at the ingredients label and stay away from products high in sugar and fructose corn syrup. "Healthy" breakfast cereals and bars are notorious for being high in these two ingredients.

2. Stay away from foods that contain hydrogenated oils and processed foods.

Hydrogenated oils, (trans fats), cause havoc on the body and some states are even banning them. Read ingredients of the foods you eat, the label will tell you if it contains hydrogenated oils - and if it does, get rid of it! Processed foods are the chemically altered and packaged foods like so many of the foods that target kids now days. You can usually tell if food is processed if the ingredients show a list of chemicals a mile long.

3. A simple way to keep weight under control is to stop eating before you're full. 

Portion control is the easiest way to not over at. If you continuously eat until you’re uncomfortably full, you will end up consuming too many calories and end up stretching the stomach out, causing you to eat more, more often.

4. Try giving Yoga a go. 

You'll be surprised at the difference it will make when the body is flexible and limber, plus it helps reduce the chances of injury. Yoga consists of 15-20 minutes of deep stretching and some meditation. The body will feel younger and Yoga also helps relieve stress. Combine this with some cardio, weight training and a good balanced diet, and in 12 short weeks you'll be in the BEST shape of your life!

5. Try adding more of the following foods to your diet: 

whole grains, olive oil, eggs, natural peanut butter, fish, poultry, berries, apples, almonds, protein powder and water. These foods will help you burn more fat, get in shape and better your health.

6. Drink MORE water.

I know we hear this all the time and there's a good reason for it - because it's important! Drinking water helps curb your appetite, hydrate your body and nourishes you from the inside out, including your skin. You should aim for half your body weight in ounces per day. EX if you weigh 200lbs, you would aim to drink 100 ounces of water per day.

7. For fast fat loss and to build a stronger heart, try interval training. 

The basics of interval training is run/walk/run/walk, etc. Pick somewhere to do this like a high school track, run for 50 yards, and walk back at a moderate pace, repeat - do this 10 times. Make sure you've warmed up before you starting to run and that you cool down when done. Interval training boosts the metabolism, burns the most fat, and takes less time to complete.

8. Add weight training.

 Adding weight training to your exercise routine helps add muscle to your body and increases your life span, making you stronger and burning more fat. If an individual is looking to tone up, use a weight that you can lift 8-12 times; if an individual is looking to bulk up, they should add weight they can lift 4-6 times. Weight train 3-5 times per week 
and keep your training sessions to 45 minutes max.

9. Supplement your diet.

 At the minimum, you should add a quality multivitamin to your diet and fish oil (omega-3 fatty acids). Most people don't get a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals from foods alone so it's important to compliment your new found healthy eating habits with a strong multivitamin. Fish oil is important because most people's diets are lacking in omega-3 fatty acids and this is suspected to be a contributing factor to many health diseases, including obesity. Fish oil is the best way to get omega-3's into your diet. You should try to consume 2,000 to 3,000 mg of omega-3's per day.

10. Add more Alaskan salmon to your diet. 

It's extremely high in protein and omega-3 fatty acids, and low in fat. A fantastic and healthy combination. Alaskan salmon is low in mercury, the one problem with regular salmon.

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